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Hello and welcome to Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer

Children are the foundation that is necessary for the continuance of our civilization and species on this planet. So what must be done when it is our children that suffer from an illness that they cannot control?

Cancer is one of the leading illnesses that afflict the youth. While it is easy to suggest that early prevention would help better the chances of coping and survival, not everyone is lucky enough to afford the necessary testing for early detection.

The Writers

This website is headed by Evie Bruce and a handful of writers. We are all deeply passionate about this topic and dedicate ourselves to promoting ways in which the community can help out—one step at a time. We come from a varied array of professions and walks of life. We have seen first hand what it is like to have someone so young be brave and battle cancer.

You will find articles that are geared toward boosting the knowledge of the general public regarding pediatric cancer and the ways in which they can provide aid. You will also find articles that discuss general health for children.

It is up to all of us to provide ample support and awareness regarding pediatric cancer and those that it has afflicted.