Continuing the Good: Three Ways You Can Help Those with Pediatric Cancer Part II

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Our last discourse on this topic was met with a pretty positive response. As such, we would like to continue to provide more specific ways on how you can help those with pediatric cancer. We say more specific because many of you asked for particular ways rather than the more ‘generic’ answers. Thank you for pointing that out to us, by the way!

It’s great that we have readers that are very involved with the direction that this resource is going. Everyone in the writing team got together to offer up ways they have given to those with pediatric cancer in their personal lives. These are some of their responses:


As you may imagine, when someone in the family is presently battling childhood cancer the time schedules can be quite hectic. With hospital runs for check ups, testing, and even confinement, the family itself can feel quite strained or stretched too thin. If there are other children in the family, the attention of the parents may be focused on other things.

You can help you by offering to carpool for trips to the hospital or offering to drive the other kids to school or anything they might need is a VERY big help to the family. You must not underestimate what weight can be lifted just by offering this aid.

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Child Minding

For a family with a child with pediatric cancer, there can be very little opportunities for the parents to work on their relationship with each other. When there is illness in the family, the parents must be able to sustain their partnership. Cancer in the family is very stressful event. In order for the child to be able to undergo strenuous treatments, the environment must be at peace.

You can help by offering to mind the fort while the parents get a much needed night off or two. Just as any relationship expert will tell you, a marriage is something that constantly needs to be worked on. This is even truer when there is something as taxing as pediatric cancer.


There are several organizations that are dedicated to finding a cure and better treatments towards pediatric cancer. Of course, this requires time, effort, and money that many of them do not have access to. As such, donating whatever you can—no matter how small—is a HUGE help toward those that have pediatric cancer.

To Conclude

Being able to help out someone who is already being brave and battling an illness that would make most adults fold is a pretty special thing. Even if you do not directly focus on helping the child, helping their family is a big step toward the right direction. Of course, there are several other ways in which you can help out patients and the families of those who have children that suffer from pediatric cancer.

Which ways have you personally tried out?

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