A Letter for Siblings: How You Can Help Create a Restful Environment

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Hey there! We completely understand if you feel that things are completely unfair. Today, we want to talk to you about how you can help create a restful environment for everyone. Whenever the illness called cancer crops up in a family, things can get pretty hairy.

The person, your sibling, who needs to get treated, will need a lot of help from everyone. The parents will be the ones that will have to face a lot of the stress and the pressure but they will still try their best to take good care of everyone in your family. We’re writing this to let you know that there are things that you can personally do to help create a restful environment for your whole family. Here are a few tips for you:

Be a bit more patient

It can be quite frustrating when your mom and dad suddenly put for focus on your sibling and their needs. What you need to understand right now is that your parents are both very frightened. They are afraid that your sibling is going to get even more ill. Because of that, they will tend to worry a lot more. You can help everyone by being more patient with your family. Your mom and dad are really doing what they can.

Take care of yourself

If you feel like you need to stay with another family member, you should talk to your parents about it. Explain to them that you want to give them the chance to focus on your sibling and that you will be okay with your favorite aunt or uncle. You can even stay with your grandparents if that’s an available option. When you are in a place where you feel safe and secure, the better you will be feeling and willing to help your sibling.

care - A Letter for Siblings: How You Can Help Create a Restful Environment

Give them company

If your parents are scared, imagine what your sibling must be feeling! A lot of the time, your sibling might be resting or can be in a lot of pain. You do not need to say anything especially since it can be difficult to think of what you can say to make them feel better. Instead, you can just show them that you care by being around them and keeping them company. After all, no one likes to feel like they’re alone—especially when they’re scared.

To Conclude

You are every bit an integral part of the healing process as all the medicines, checkups, and treatments that your sibling is getting. It is completely fine if you are feeling angry or sad, or even guilty about what is happening. What is important is that you sort those feelings out (get help if you can’t do it by yourself) and move forward with everyone.

Families take care of each other. So when you think about it, what can you do to help care for yourself and your sibling?

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