Film Education for Parents: Movies that Deal with Cancer

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When you have a child, the very last words you would ever want to hear is that they have been diagnosed with cancer. If you feel at a loss on how to handle this, try taking cues from these movies that have themes about cancer.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Not just another teeny-bopper movie, trust us. While there are some parts of the movie that will make you wonder how this can help, watch the whole thing. Not only does it touch upon serious themes like pediatric cancer, it also touches upon a multitude of other themes that comes with age and growing up.

walktoremember - Film Education for Parents: Movies that Deal with Cancer

A Walk to Remember

When this movie first came out, no one was expecting much from it. Those that had already read the book knew what to expect. Even for those that did not read the novel were all drawn in by the pacing, acting, and the journey taken by the characters as a whole! This particular movie focuses on how we touch and eventually change each other’s lives when given the chance.

The Fault in Our Stars

Undoubtedly one of the more popular films that rocked the recent decade, this film was literally huge. It follows the tale of two teens with their struggles with pediatric cancer. Do not let the seemingly cheesy lines or “unbelievable” turn of events sour your outlook on this film. Surprisingly poignant and quite the unexpected adventure, this is one movie that you will want a couple of boxes of tissue nearby.


While not about pediatric cancer, this still touches upon some pretty accurate events of what it is like to get an unexpected diagnosis and the processes the follow afterwards. Many of us had a loved one that preempted the hair loss by shaving their head. They found the movie completely relatable in terms of the feelings of fear, uncertainty, with some perkiness thrown in—making for a completely humanized tale.

To Conclude

While these may not be the type of movies that you would want to watch (given the situation and all), you should still give it a try. Every painful film yields lessons that we can apply in our actual lives. You can see for yourself the regret that it etched into the script of each film and determine for yourself what sort of character you would be in the movie of your child’s life.

Which of the movies above gave you a lesson?

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