Joining a Walk: What Items Should You Bring With You?

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If you have decided to join a charity walk to show your support for those who are battling pediatric cancer, good for you! Before you do go on that walk, it is important that you are suitably prepared. Many of the ones that are attending for the first time are usually unfamiliar with what they should bring with them.

To help those and to also serve as a refresher for those who have not gone in a while, here are a few items that you should bring with you:

umbrella - Joining a Walk: What Items Should You Bring With You?

Sunscreen or an umbrella

Regardless of the weather forecast on the day of the event, it is important to be prepared. Most event walks are held in the early mornings to late afternoon. This can mean a lot of exposure to the sun (or rain). As such, it would only make sense to be prepared accordingly. If it is sunny, make sure that you and those you are with are protected from the rays of the sun. If it is rainy, make sure that you are all wearing articles of clothing that are wet resistant. It would also be smart to bring along an umbrella which can be used whether it is raining or sunny.

Comfortable Shoes

Regardless of the length of the walk you signed up for, you can still expect a relative amount of time standing around. As such, it would be good to wear your comfy shoes. Preferably, the ones that provide ample support for your feet and legs!


If you are prone to asthma, a delicious snack for bugs, or are prone to whatever ailment, it would be important that you have the necessary medicines with you. It would also be good if you were to bring any band-aids for any cuts, scratches, or scrapes that you can potentially get. If you have someone with you who does have pediatric cancer, having their medicine on hand is critical.

water - Joining a Walk: What Items Should You Bring With You?


While events like these often have a water station, it can be a ways off and it would be a hassle to have to keep going back whenever you feel a little thirsty. As such, it would be a better idea to bring your own handy (and lightweight) thermos or water container. This can help ensure that you are hydrated throughout the whole thing.

To Conclude

Fortune favors the prepared. When it comes to showing your support to an event as important as a kids walk, it would be in your best interest to have everything you need. While there are booths at the event itself that try provide anything that they believe that the attendees might need, it would be better to be responsible for yourself and have what is needed.

Take a look at some of the items that we have listed above. Which ones do you personally bring to a support charity event?

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