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resources - Useful Resources

Everyone needs help, right? Kids Walk for Kids with Cancer aims to help build a stronger community of individuals who are all dedicated to promoting awareness and joining the good fight against pediatric cancer. As such, it is important to be aware of other orgs and other institutions that are all in the same field of concern.

Here are some other organizations of note:

Make-A-Wish Foundation

They are one of the longest running organizations that help out those with pediatric cancer. They are dedicated to providing unique experiences for young ones that are fighting serious and severe illnesses.

Children with Cancer: a Guide for Parents

Like what the name suggests, this particular website is a really useful guide for any parent or parents who are presently helping any youngsters in their family with their fight against pediatric cancer. It has several articles that serve as a good guide on what to expect and how they can help their child further.

Miracle Flights for Kids

This site belongs to an organization that provides a lot of help for families with children who suffer from pediatric cancer. They offer assistance in helping out with medical flights for the afflicted. They specialize in connecting families with experts and other medical specialists throughout the USA.

If you have your own list of resources and would like us to put this on this page, do get in touch with us. We are constantly building this resource page to reflect the best and most updated list of organizations that are in this fight with us.